Rain Delay: Adjusting Vacation and My Attitude

Today marks the start of my husband’s summer vacation. While the rest of us have been off of school for a little over a week, he’s been working camps and hosting recruits. But it’s here. Vacation! We made it. We always look so forward to the few days we have as just a “little” family that this year we made a last minute decision to find a beach house for the first long weekend of the summer. Nick has to be in the office later on this week, and later in the summer we will spend a week at the beach with each side of our family. (Somehow we have managed to make a week long vacation with my parents and my brothers and families AND a week long trip with Nick’s parents and siblings and their families, too! Also, a reminder here that he works 7 days a week most of the year…so these days off are like gold.) When we first snagged the elusive 4 day summer rental we were so excited and started counting down the days. And then it rained.

You see, we are finishing up our 10-year-old son’s All Star baseball tournament this week. The tournament is hosted at our little league, which has been awesome, except that when rain hit we had to delay the games by a day…pushing back what was going to be Lucas and I arriving a day late to our beach house to Lucas and I arriving with only a day and a half left of our trip. Now truth be told there are probably a lot of people who don’t understand the arrangement of daddy going to the beach while mama stays back for the Little League games, but we had to think through a lot of pieces. My husband misses a LOT of time with the kiddos, and they crave bonus time with him. And as the oldest son of a football coach, Lucas still gets included with his dad for a lot of “guy time”. Earlier this spring the guys met my father-in-law out for a turkey hunting weekend. So we decided that the girls and William could use the extra daddy time most. And to be honest, I am looking forward to the time with just my oldest boy. Nick is absolutely the “fun parent” and the one most likely to create adventures, so it does not surprise me that the kids heading to the beach voted for daddy to be the one to take them. And Lucas knows me so well that when I asked what he wanted to do this weekend between baseball games he said “We could watch the next Harry Potter movies!!” Yes! Popcorn and movies at home is just my speed.

If it sounds like I have a super attitude about this scenario it is because I can type this in hindsight. Now a day later, and the crew is at the beach, I can put aside the bitterness that I spent days washing clothes and packing for them to go to the beach…while I stay home. I can be mature about the fact that the kids deserve some time with their father…even if that means I miss out. In essence, I can be a grown up about it. But yesterday…while I waited for Nick to finish up at work (which as it always does drug on from “not late”…to “maybe have dinner ready”…to “feed the kids…I will get home when I can.”) Yesterday I had a bad attitude. Until the kids were out the door and I was sitting at TJ’s Deli with a scoop of ice cream and my oldest son to talk to. Until we had time to sit quietly and without argument pick to watch a movie that we both were excited about and share a big bowl of popcorn without littler ones complaining about who got more or what movie they wanted to watch. So today, and this week, I’m going to enjoy this time with my first little boy…cause he’s not that little anymore…and he may not always choose to sit home with mom and watch a movie. And I’m going to try my best to not get jealous when the beach pics start rolling in.

One thought on “Rain Delay: Adjusting Vacation and My Attitude

  1. I must disagree with you, my daughter, you are a fun parent too! I think movies and popcorn, baseball tournaments, etc… are also fun! I get that you cherish that together time with Nick as much as the kids… you will be there soon. Your dad and I are much like you… we can’t wait to be together with our 3 kids, our in-law kids and our grandchildren to laugh and play together at the beach!! See you soon! Now, play ball! ⚾️ 🥰

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