Why I Walked in the Rain

Today marks our 13th wedding anniversary! 13 years since my husband and I said “I do!” to forever. I stumbled upon this little blog post I wrote last fall…still true. I will walk in the rain because those walks in the rain are what provide the sunshine.

Written November 6, 2018

Last night my husband came home from what I know was a hard, long day at work. He was exhausted and needing encouragement and mine was used up. You see yesterday my dad had his knee replaced, and I spent the day texting with my mom and encouraging. I spent the afternoon caring for our kids and keeping them happy and cooperating. I spent the evening on the couch trying to convince my body that despite what it thought, DST says it’s only 9pm, and it’s not reasonable to be tired yet. And then I waited up. I wasn’t angry or resentful or mean or nagging…but I was tired.

William and I waiting in the downpour for practice to end

That was the version of me my husband got to sit next to last night. So this morning when he texted to ask if I was going to come in to walk with him on his lunch break, I commited to missing MOPS, I put on my tennis shoes, and I grabbed raincoats…and I waited in the pouring rain for him to be ready to walk.  Because the most important relationship in my day to day life, after my relationship with God, is my relationship with my husband. The two of us committed to forever. The two of us had a family of 7. The two of us chose this profession that takes a full family commitment. And the two of us will be together alone someday in our home, in our life, and if I don’t take the time now to be with him, at my best, than how can I expect that forever to feel?  I will walk with my best friend, in the rain, in the snow, for better or worse, til death do us part.

10 thoughts on “Why I Walked in the Rain

  1. This one made me cry. My nephew is a lucky man (and you are definitely lucky, too. But I may be a bit prejudice! 😂) God Bless you both! ❤️

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  2. What beautiful words! I missed reading your post yesterday but I’m glad I got to talk with you and to wish you a happy Anniversary! It seems this year is not so different than last…. you are busy taking the kids from one place to another and Nick is at camp…and like last year, I know you are happy and content and full of love!💕


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