Looking for the Blessing

On Friday I got a phone call from Logan HVAC to let me know that it was time for our seasonal maintenance on our HVAC system.  I always appreciate the reminder call (who remembers to schedule those on their own?  Not me!) I figured since I was already having some other work done at the house (patching up the fallen roof line from our wildlife visitor: Noise in the Attic: Hiring a Mercenary ) I might as well get it all done first thing Monday morning.  I happily took the early appointment and honestly forgot about it.

When Monday morning rolled around the Logan service technician arrived, and I showed him down to the garage to get started on the routine maintenance to prepare for the summer.  I went upstairs and again, kind of forgot about it.  When he came up a while later I was shocked when he told me that he had detected a Carbon Monoxide output that was 5x the level where they would be required to turn off the system for safety.  How on earth had this gone unnoticed?  And thank goodness it had not caused any issue!

Fortunately for us, our giant van prevents us from parking in the garage (as does the abundance of bicycles and ride-on toys and lawn equipment that fills up one whole side of the space…but I’m crediting the van on this one).  Also, the garage is a little chaotic right now since we haven’t put everything back from the kitchen remodel, so the kids haven’t been able to roller skate on the concrete floors like they normally do.  And the path to the main door has been obstructed by kitchen stools so I pretty much always open the large overhead garage doors whenever we are going in or out through that entrance.  THANK GOODNESS!

So while the final stages of a kitchen remodel is not exactly the time we were hoping to have to replace a furnace, we were able to avoid a disaster by discovering a problem during a scheduled upkeep rather than reacting to something horrible occurring.  I’m so grateful for that phone call on Friday that assured that the problem didn’t go unnoticed any longer!  I’m also really grateful that I have the kind of friends who saw that blessing right away.  Because it sure made it easier for me to focus on that rather than staying stuck on the inconvenience or the expense.  Sometimes blessings look a lot like problems before we take the time to focus on the right things.

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